Are You a Life Coach

who wants to...

Share your Message to a Bigger Audience ?

Build a loyal following ?

  • but writing a book takes forever...

  • long form video has many challenges...

  • get more traction with your posts ?

Start a Podcast

  • but don't know how to start ?

  • are intimidated by technical tasks ?

That's why I created the

Start Your Podcast NOW! course

A course specifically designed for life coaches who have a passion to share their message and would like their own Podcast NOW !

My Story ...

After 4 years as a fulltime caregiver, I made the difficult decision to move my wife to a Memory Care Facility. That was 3 years ago...

After grief counseling and reconnecting with my coach my healing journey began. This lead me to become a certified FLCA coach. I have known for years that I am going to write a book but felt impressed to publish it after our experience is completed.

BUT I kept feeling a prompting that I needed to share what I was learning NOW.

At that point I heard of podcasts, but never listened to one. In fact I believed that podcasting was an old, dying platform and that YouTube video was the way to go.


I realized that podcasting is alive and well ! You have a captive audience with the ability to build relationships. So I decided to GO FOR IT ! It took me many months to learn all of the ins and outs about podcasting as well as some of the best practices for having a successful podcast.

My Results so Far..

I published episode #1 of "The Surviving Alzheimer's Podcast" on 8/9/2022 (our 42nd wedding anniversary ). I started telling family and friends about it.

After 30+ episodes &18 months later the podcast reached 10,000 episode downloads on Valentines day 2024.

Along the way, I have met and worked with listeners. Coaching them in both one on one and group settings. I have learned many lessons in the last 2 years while doing the podcast

ALL of those learnings are baked into the

Start your Podcast NOW ! course.

YOUR Podcast will enable you to...

  • Get your message heard sooner rather then later.

  • Be heard on ALL searchable podcast platforms

  • Have listeners promote your message to others

  • Build trust with your audience who become customers

You Learn How to ...

  • Efficiently plan and create episodes

  • Use low cost/time saving tools

  • Produce professionally recordings

  • Edit your episodes the easy way

  • Create episode descriptions and summaries in seconds

  • Apply all that I have learned

  • To be successful after you launch your podcast

Course Details

2 Group Sessions

90 Minutes each

Summer Date TBD @ 7pm AZ MST

Summer Date TBD @ 7pm AZ MST



Private Session

One 30 private coaching Session

You will schedule this with Ken


Included ONLY with this offer


Julie Merrell

I have worked with Ken a few times and it has been a great experience.  He helped me debug a few issues on my website.  Ken also took the time to teach me any procedure I wanted to learn so I could be more proficient.  Ken is patient, knowledgeable, and dedicated to any project.

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